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There are important questions to be asked in this digital age. Do I have a Facebook page? Does my website work perfectly and show up on the first page of Google? Does my business require an app that responds seamlessly on iOS and Android both? If yes, you have come to the right place. integrates knowledge of app development with a keen understanding of form and function to provide a mobile app that will deliver on all of your needs.

Each app gets a special treatment from the team, right from the inception to delivery. Even after developing many different apps, we start each one afresh. Each one has a new framework, design and code. As a result, none of our apps look or feel alike. After several rounds of development and many successful apps, we can provide services that bring any kind of app to life.

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Each one is tested thoroughly, so that there are no known bugs at the time of deployment. We do hoard several extra phones in our office, to test an app as many times as possible. In case you know of anybody willing to donate their iPhone 6S Plus in the name of testing, do consider sending them our way.

Apps can go live within days of being delivered as we provide support for backend integration processes as well. Apps can be linked to social networks, connected with cloud storage and create features such as payment gateways, push notifications and user management systems. Our team monitors these processes, to make sure that there is no kink left from the time of integration.

We don’t just build apps; we fix everything that works with them. Disciplining websites for mobile and web apps that are misbehaving is something we’ve gained a lot of experience in. In case our clients don’t have a web app, we would be more than happy to develop it for them. As we’ve realized in our app promotion work, having a cross platform experience makes customers feel happier than when they are restricted to one mode of browsing.

The team that works on developing apps is cost-effective and full of features, much like your apps will be. We make it a point to employ the smartest, hard-working and curious developers on our projects. We finalized their job offers after they built an app to say that they accept the package.

Clayology does shy away from bringing in experts to help realize the vision of our clients. Neither should you. We believe in working closely with in-house teams and project heads to create a beautiful story and product. Our location is in Mumbai, but we would be more than happy to travel the length and breadth of India to help you develop the app you’ve been dreaming of.

If you would like to explore a possible app in detail or have some extra Android devices lying around, do get in touch with us. You can contact us directly or simply swing by if you are in the vicinity.