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For a company to survive in this fiercely competitive market, it needs to be marketed effectively. If you are seeing this page, chances are that you found us through one of our targeted pay-per-click marketing campaigns. Paid search marketing is an effective means of communication and creating a presence on the web. To ensure that it works seamlessly, it must be harnessed to cater to an audience that is in the market for what you have to offer.

At Clayology, we believe in proving the best pay-per-click services to our clients so that their campaigns integrate in the larger picture. Short of clicking the links and testing their efficiency, we rely as much on data as we do on our team and their experience with PPC campaigns. However, we don’t spend our time simply shuffling around AdWords. Our teams work tirelessly to improve the strategy with the help of incoming data. This ensures that the strategy delivering the best ROI is supported and pushed ahead aggressively.

We create a PPC strategy after doing thorough research of every kind on our clients. Our results and data help us understand what the competition is doing wrong, how to avoid and create a campaign that can deliver the best results possible. Our work spreads across Google and moves on to Facebook & Twitter campaigns. We create strategies useful for Instagram and Bing as well. If need be, we’ll get your ads on to for easy viewing. Our emphasis is on creating new strategies for different areas of your business and optimizing the ones that exist. This is done in part by creating adcopy that not only focuses on bringing customers to the landing page, but also finds the preferred traffic each time. Cayology prides itself on being able to deliver the best at competitive rates.

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The same applies for our PPC services. We do not believe that the most expensive pay-per-click campaigns are the best. We aim to create the ones that have click-through rates that deliver actual, measurable results.

The team taking care of PPC campaigns has a long history to loving data, AdWords and vying to work in an AdSense certified atmosphere. They have 10+ years of experience, and we only let them in once they can prove they are Google certified professionals.

If you have felt that your current PPC campaign just isn’t working out – we understand. We’ve felt that way before and make sure nobody else has to. At Clayology, we will help you fine-tune the strategy and create a new one to improve the results. If you have to give PPC a try, let us be your guide and help you get started. Catch up with us over phone or e-mail, or simply drop by. We promise not to charge on a Pay-Per-Visit policy.

Yes, it sounds painstaking and difficult, but that is why you should be hiring us for your PPC Marketing services and not be doing it yourself. Our team delivers quality work which increases visits to the website, drives up website visibility and promotes brand presence all over the internet.

Clayology boasts of a brilliant Digital Marketing team that has accumulated 13+ years of experience working in the field. They are respected for the deep knowledge about Google keywords and Alexa rankings. Under their care, content keeps moving up the Google rankings and soon reflects on the front page of each search engine. That is the Holy Grail of the internet, and we can help you get.

Clayology has offices in Mumbai, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot work on pan-Indian content. If you’re interested in tossing around ideas, understanding more about our take on PPC and maybe take a parachuting lesson, you can contact us or simply drop by. We would be glad for the opportunity to try something new.