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A digital agency started in 2008, Clayology aims to provide the best digital services for clients all over the world. Currently situated in Mumbai, we serve up all kinds of ideas for companies, businesses and people looking to create a presence in the digital world. At Clayology, we do not pretend that making brilliant content is enough to make it visible and appreciated by the entire world. The World Wide Web is a vast and unending land, it takes technical skill in order to boost the content towards the very people that will appreciate and spread it around.

We believe that there two brilliant methods of making content visible in a short period of time. Obviously, the first is parachuting into the homes of people that command respect on the Internet and delivering our work to them. The second is to have a firm grasp on Search Engine Optimization and implementing the many benefits it has to offer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an under-appreciated skill and if often left out of discussions when creating content online. There is no form of information that does not benefit from proper SEO that is refreshed every few months. Till date, we have 200+ websites optimized to meet the level of industry standards.

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We offer two types of SEO services for our clients.

The first is to take the existing framework of SEO and upgrade it for better visibility online. This service is applicable to web content,web apps and visual and audio content.When we take over,our team combs through all the content produced and changes the keywords and metadata for them one by one.This ensures that each separate piece of content is optimized separately, instead of doing batch optimization to save on time.

The second service is to create SEO framework from scratch.We manage the creation of metadata for the content before it is published online.Our team analyzes the current global trends on a weekly basis and ensures that your content remains fresh and relevant.We help you reach out to the relevant audience and keep them engaged. For both of these to be successful,we undertake code optimization, SEO based content writing and link building.

Yes, it sounds painstaking and difficult, but that is why you should be hiring us for your SEO services and not be doing it yourself. Our team delivers quality work which increases visits to the website, drives up website visibility and promotes brand presence all over the internet

Clayology boasts of a brilliant SEO team that has accumulated 13+ years of experience working in the field. They are respected for the deep knowledge about Google keywords and Alexa rankings. Under their care, content keeps moving up the Google rankings and soon reflects on the front page of each search engine. That is the Holy Grail of the internet, and we can help you get.

Clayology has offices in Mumbai, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot work on pan-Indian content. If you’re interested in tossing around ideas, understanding more about our take on SEO and maybe take a parachuting lesson, you can contact us or simply drop by. We would be glad for the opportunity to try something new.