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Social Media Management between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a native blog, taking care of social media can become a bit hectic. Content that is produced for one social media network has to be tweaked and adapted for the other. It needs to be cropped, scaled and placed as per the space available across various platforms. The keywords need to be changed around and touched up, depending on what topic is trending in which part of the world. And after all of that is done, the weekly mailer needs to be designed and content written up for a new blog post.

We offer the best social media management services in Mumbai and we have got it down to an art. Clayology undertakes social media optimization for content that already exists and streamlines future processes to make sure that the campaign moves smoothly.

We focus on four important points during every campaign. Our work aims to attract a set audience, interact with them in every manner possible, engage their attention in our content and ultimately convert them into consumers. To achieve our goals, we have worked hard and used this strategy to get the best talent from India into our office. If it works for us, it will definitely work for the clients.

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Social Media is an important part in marketing your business. Social platforms help you connect with your prospect customers and boost awareness about your business. SMM helps you promote your brand and have meaningful conversations with your followers. By publishing and promoting your content, social media marketing will help you expand your reach and make people hear about you. SMM also help drive conversions through strategic content marketing methods. We help you determine the right social media platforms and help you connect with your target audience and by using a personal approach, we ensure that the communication happens the right way. With these efforts, we help maximize your web presence and also strengthen your connections with micro and micro influencers.

Our Social Media Marketing Service is backed up with shoulder content that fills in the empty spaces and keeps the existing consumers from feeling like they are being bombarded with the same message. We strive to come up with ideas that can go viral whenever we create content for our clients. The same applies for our social media team, who work around the clock to design and write copies that reflect the online trends of the week. All of this is done in-house, so we can turn up the publishing schedule or bring it down depending on the mood of the consumers.

Clayology undertakes social media optimization for content that already exists and streamlines future processes to make sure that the campaign moves smoothly. If you would like to see how many accounts are followed by our social media teams or simply discuss a partnership, we would be happy to do so. You can contact us directly or simply drop in anytime.

Our social media management team works like digital ninjas, hopping from one platform to another without pausing for a breath. They are trained in social media marketing and are able to infuse it into every project they take up. They are also trained to be the first to like, share and comment as soon as the content is published.

We believe that social media is an extension of the brand personality. And so, we make sure that we are well acquainted with our clients before we take up the mantle and start publishing content. To begin with, Clayology works closely with clients during the time of concept development for Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Each campaign is broken down into elements and we set goals for each of these elements. They are stacked upon each other to form a cohesive plan for the design (designing) and the publishing of the social media campaign.