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Converting ideas and thoughts into a visual story is a skill set that we guard fiercely. Out team has been assembled from all over India, keeping in the mind the diversity of projects we take on each year. We have an in-house talent that can rival the biggest production houses, and our network of filmmaking and production professionals is always ready to start new projects.

Clayology attempted to bring all forms of creative media individuals under one roof, and we have succeeded in our goals. It is great news for our clients, as we provide the best video production services in Mumbai for a variety of projects.

Clayology loves doing advertisements and commercials, as they are a wonderful way to explore the medium of video production. We do everything to make the product come to life. It starts from drafting ideas and pitches, which is then refined into a complete script. Clients can see a vision of what it will look like, thanks to our storyboarding services

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We go the whole nine yards, starting from casting and location hunting to shooting, editing and adding special effects. Our production skills have attracted a number of clients over the years. In case you were looking for little extra appeal, we will happily fly on over to international locations for a shoot. If your vision so demands it, we are ready to take up lessons in puppeteering to deliver the best end product.

We have produced videos in numerous styles and designs, so there is no need to limit your imagination. We can make feel good ad-films, animated shorts, longer campaign videos and documentary style product films. These can be made for broadcast on television channels, in advertisements before the movies and as YouTube videos with the potential to go viral.

If none of these ideas and styles suits you, we can absolutely suit up and create a somber corporate video that will impress potential investors, clients and customers alike. We love seeing the smile on the face of our clients, and we want them to feel the same way!

If you happen to have a brilliant concept, but lack the budge to go along with it, have no fear. We cater to all kinds of concepts and budget restrictions, and creating low-cost videos is something we take pride in.

Dropping names isn’t our favourite thing to do, but it does inspire confidence to know what we have worked extensively with the biggest Bollywood stars and the Indian Cricket Team. If you have a project involving some of the biggest names in politics, we’d love to complete the Holy India Trifecta. Just kidding – our sense of humour comes in handy when we write scripts.

Our clients till date include the big names such as BCCI, Star Sports and Red Chillies Entertainment. We have worked with numerous clients, both big and small. If you’d like to get to know more about how we convert thoughts into videos and see some of our puppetry skills, do contact us or drop by.